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About the manufacturer

In 1891, in the town of Södertälje, the small company Vagn-fabriken began producing railroad cars. And in 1986, in Sweden, in Malmo, a branch of the British bicycle brand Humber was opened, which was called Svenska Aktiebolaget Humber.

After the merger of these two companies, the new corporation Maskinfabriks-Aktiebolaget Scania was formed, which, since 1902, began to produce first passenger cars, and then on their chassis and sentry vans.

The first car that could carry three and a half tons of cargo was produced in 1906.

The deliveries of Scania trucks to Russia began in 1910. The first vehicle was intended for the repair of tram contact wires.

In 1911, the Scania and Vagnfabriken brands were merged to form the new Scania-Vabis brand.

In 1968 the shares of the company were bought by the SAAB concern. The joint industrial group SAAB-Scania was formed, which was closely engaged in the development and improvement of models of large-capacity vehicles. There are a large number of images of Scania trucks from the second half of the twentieth century on the Internet.

In 1995 the SAAB-Scania group disbanded and the Scania brand became an independent brand.

1999 to spring 2000 Scania tried to take over Volvo, one of Scania’s main competitors, but the deal was canceled by the decision of the EU Commission.


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